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What is brand & why is it important?

19 Dec What is brand & why is it important?

A brand is not just a name, a logo, a product or a promise.

Here is a definition of brand, “Your brand lives within the hearts and minds of your customers. It is the sum total of all the experiences and perceptions that your customers have with your company, some of which you can influence and some that you cannot”.

The brand is everything – from the way your product is positioned on the shelf, to the ease of use of your website, to how the receptionist answers the phone, to the way your sales reps drive their branded cars, to how your team present to clients – it’s the sum total of all your customer touch-points, both the big and the small.

You could say that brand is the “emotional aftertaste” that comes after an experience with your product, service or company.

A brand will leave a footprint (a unique imprint) on your customer’s mind, whether by plan or accident.

We want to ensure that our brand’s footprint is deep, clear and attractively distinctive. The brand footprint will define everything about what your brand is to your customer.

As marketers, we want to shape the associations, feelings, attitudes and perceptions that people have about our brand, so that they not only view the brand positively, but they see it as a solution to a specific, need, want, or pain point that they may have.

 Building a positive brand footprint:

  • Have a deep understanding of your ideal customer and what they are looking for. What does your brand provide for them? Functionally and emotionally?
  • Brand personality – how does your brand look, feel and behave? How do you want it to look, feel and behave?
  • Be clear about what your brand represents – its values. Communicate these to all staff.
  • Focus on building positive brand experiences with your customer in a manner that is consistent with your brand footprint and consistent over time.
  • Remember, it’s all very well to tell customers what we promise our brand will deliver, however the brand needs to keep that promise through its actions!

 Benefits of a strong brand:

  • A strong brand promotes recognition – it makes consumers remember a product.
  • Not only that, a strong brand can convince your customer that it provides more meaningful benefits than competing brands offer.
  • A strong brand can command a price premium – they are able to command and sustain higher margins than weaker brands.
  • A strong brand will have more loyal customers – who will act as brand ambassadors for your brand and spread positive word of mouth.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”, Jeff Bezos, Amazon.


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