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LinkedIn Tips For Businesses

01 Sep LinkedIn Tips For Businesses

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.  There are more than 300,000,000 registered members and over 3 million Company Pages.  In New Zealand there are more than 1 million members, with 40% of users visiting LinkedIn daily.

For businesses, LinkedIn is an important component of your digital strategy.  Your Followers are likely to include a combination of current customers, potential clients, job seekers and business partners.

Here are some tips to engage your Followers and get the most out of LinkedIn, for your business:

1. Help key Employees build their profiles:
Ensure Employee profiles are complete and professional.  For a profile to be considered complete, the following fields need to be populated:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Current position with a description
  • 2 past positions
  • Education
  • Skills (minimum of 3)
  • A profile photo
  • At least 50 connections

Ensure that employees LinkedIn profiles are linked to your company page.  (Under “Experience” select your Company Name).

Use a professional photo.

The employee’s summary should be written in a story format in the third person.  It is important to get this right, as it is the first thing that people look at.  Think about the key challenges that your clients face and build personal brands that focus on solutions.

List publications, relevant links, and include rich media such as product videos.

2. Encourage Employees to add connections:
Staff should focus on increasing their personal connections.  The more connections, the larger the network.  This will include:

  • Reviewing LinkedIn’s “suggested connections” and connecting with the people they know.
  • Going through business cards collected at meetings and events and connecting with these people on LinkedIn.
  • Consider connecting with relevant journalists who write on your industry’s subject matter.
  • Forming strategic partnerships – think about business partners to collaborate with as a source of referrals.

3. Have a great Company page:
LinkedIn provides tips on Getting Started with your Company page.

  • Make your Company page interesting with the use of great copy, images, infographics, slide-share presentations and video.
  • Add relevant keywords in your company description to enable your company to rank highly in search results for key search terms on LinkedIn (and also on Google!)
  • Use eye-catching images on your status updates, company cover page and Showcase pages.
  • Use Showcase pages to promote specific products or to market to a specific buyer persona.  Hubspot provide a good overview of Showcase pages.

4. Post Content on LinkedIn: 
Post information may include company updates and accomplishments and opinions on trending topics.  Focus on providing information about your company and industry that is interesting, relevant and helpful to your target audience.  The key is to demonstrate value.

  • When writing copy, use concise introductions and snappy headlines to grab attention.  Be succinct.
  • Use images on your posts wherever possible to get more engagement.
  • Leverage existing content streams from your company blog, your website, and other social platforms to create a stream of engaging content.
  • Publish a snippet of content on your Company page with a link back to the main article, to drive traffic back to your website.

Company updates can be shared with All Followers or be targeted to a subset of Followers based on company size, industry, function, seniority and geography.

Here are some best practice tips on Status updates from LinkedIn.

5. Promote Content on LinkedIn:
Encourage employees to like, comment on and share your Company updates.  Whilst good guidelines are necessary, it makes sense for employees to be empowered to use LinkedIn.  They can be brand evangelists for your Company!

Consider a Sponsor Update to accelerate reach for important posts to reach new audiences. Sponsoring your posts can be CPC (Cost per Click), or CPI (Cost per Impression), from $15 an update.

6. Connect online properties: 
Link your company page to your company website and other social platforms.

7. Spread the love – liking, commenting, sharing: 
Key staff members should be encouraged to check LinkedIn frequently to connect with their networks.  This involves liking, commenting and sharing relevant content in their newsfeeds as well as sharing content from your Company page and blog.

It’s an opportunity for employees to position themselves as an expert in their field by sharing their professional knowledge.

Staff may also wish to provide recommendations to their contacts to help them succeed.  It’s social proof on the profile of their connections, and good social karma.

8. Participate in LinkedIn Groups:
LinkedIn Groups are independent social networks.  Groups provide the opportunity to connect, contribute knowledge and expertise, promote your brand and position yourself as a thought leader / authority.

Key staff members should be encouraged to join groups where potential customers or candidates are likely to be.  They should also consider setting up their own group if there is a topic or interest area that is currently under-served.

It pays to keep discussion non-promotional, instead focus on offering good advice.  Provide original content if it is appropriate to do so.  Take part in discussions, ask or answer questions.  Don’t spam the groups.

Final thoughts: 
Here’s a slideshow by LinkedIn on how to amplify your brand on LinkedIn, which has some good ideas.

In summary, a strong LinkedIn presence can help increase exposure of your company’s expertise and brand, and gain followers for your page – to ultimately attract prospective customers and potential employees.