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Leveraging your Presence at Events

Event Marketing

28 Jun Leveraging your Presence at Events

5 Best Practice Events Marketing Tips


Your feet are sore from standing for hours, and your brain is mush from saying the same thing fifty different ways!  You are beginning to hallucinate about your product or service and wondering why you signed up to do the Event at all….

Don’t despair…here are 5 Killer Tips to leverage your presence at Events and turn the OW in to WOW!



  • When is the event?
  • Where?
  • Who is attending? (gender, age, roles, interests)
  • How is the event being promoted?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Are there any other benefits included?
  • Can you negotiate a specific package?
  • Does the event measure up in terms of your overall marketing objectives?
  • Will your target audience be present?
  • Does this event make financial sense?


If you tick these boxes start the real planning!

  • Begin with setting SMART objectives.
  • Determine your event budget.
  • Establish a timeline of the activities that need to be completed before, during and after the event.
  • Determine staffing requirements.
  • Lead generation – how will you generate leads, and what will the follow up programme look like?
  • Leverage – how can you leverage your presence before, during and after the event?
  • What products or services will your stand showcase?
  • Visit the venue before hand to secure a great site!


Humans are funny creatures.  As soon as a crowd gathers – you will attract more people who are curious to see why everyone else is there.  So…. your job is to create some kind of buzz at your stand.

Think eye-catching, well merchandised, interesting, professional, on brand, and vibrant!

  • How can you make your stand entertaining?
  • Would using a professional merchandiser to theme it create more interest?
  • What promotions, giveaways, or interactive competition could you use?
  • How about a photo booth where delegates can have their photos taken embedded within your brand message? This is a fun way to bring people to your stand, and the photos are instantly delivered to their Facebook wall, email account and mobile.


  • Engage – answer questions! Communicate your key messages.
  • Branded giveaways or samples create ongoing brand affinity.
  • Sign them up to your database for ongoing communication.
  • Some options for signing people up include:
    • Manual forms
    • Templates on an iPad or Android tablet connected to Wi-Fi, (or if the Wi-Fi is a little shonky, Chimpadeedoo will push the addresses to your MailChimp list when you are back online).
    • Apps that enable you to scan the details from a business card directly to your database.


Staff need to be positive, engaging, confident, and easily able to articulate key values as well as answer questions.

To ensure this:

  • Staff should be sent a briefing document, containing key details, prior to the event.
  • Brief them again on the day so they know where everything is, and are aware of key messages and stand specific requirements.
  • Team uniforms and name badges are a must for a professional, easily identifiable team.
  • Incentivise your team: Perhaps a voucher or a day in lieu?  Let’s face it – working at an event can be hard work putting your game face on, and potentially repeating the same conversation 100 times!
  • Have an internal competition to see who can do the most business.
  • Give staff regular breaks and bring chocolate!


  • The first priority is to put your feet up!
  • Shortly after the event, work on leveraging your event presence both internally within your organisation and externally within your networks as well as via social media. Follow up with the delegates whose details you have captured.  Begin email or follow-up communication to nurture these prospects through the cycle of know-like-trust-try-buy.
  • Finally, review the event against the objectives that you established in your planning phase.  How many leads did you generate?  Or sales did you make?  What went well?  What could you do differently or better next time?


For more event planning best practice tips or to hire a Marketing Coach to help you take your event from OW to WOW please contact: carla@alchemymarketing.co.nz

Please feel free to leave your comments on event marketing initiatives that have worked well for you in the Comments Box below.