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Using a Marketing Coach to Grow

31 Aug Using a Marketing Coach to Grow

Are you busy trying to grow your business?  Perhaps you are doing the marketing yourself to save money.  Is this the best use of your time?  Is there a better way to get the best results for your business?  Read on for reasons why using a Marketing Coach or Consultant could make a positive difference for you.

1. Get Results:
A Marketing Coach will help you get results for your business.  Whether your objectives are to build awareness, generate leads or engage customers, a Marketing Coach can help.

2. Save Money:
If your business is still in its growth phase you may not be able to afford to hire a full time Marketer.  If this is the case, it can be beneficial to bring in expert resource on an as needed basis.  This might entail you working with your Coach to help you during your planning phase, with setting clear Marketing goals and plans to help you achieve those goals or, you may hire a consultant solely to work on a specific marketing project.

A Marketing Coach can also help you save money by reviewing your current marketing and eliminating unnecessary spending on activities that are not going to achieve results for your business.

3. New Ideas:
An external Marketing Coach will bring a fresh perspective to your business.  You get the benefit of working with someone with years of marketing experience!
Furthermore, we work with clients across a number of businesses and industries.  We get to see lots of great ideas that can be leveraged across industries.

4. Honest Advice: 
We are independent of your business, and will provide you with honest advice.  There is no hidden agenda – we will call it like we see it, and if it is outside of our area, we will tell you this, (and hopefully be able to point you in the right direction).

5. Allow you to focus on your area of expertise: 
When you have an accounting question, you get in touch with your Accountant.  I bet you don’t cut your own hair!  When you are sick you visit your Doctor (ok, I confess, I do sometimes Google my symptoms first….but does it really help?)  My point is – you call on experts when you need them.  Why not have access to a Marketing expert in your corner?

We can also put you in touch with other experts who work in related industries – such as Search Engine Optimisation specialists, Copywriters, Designers and so on.

This frees up your time to focus on your area of expertise – what you do best!

About Alchemy Marketing
Alchemy Marketing is a boutique marketing consulting business based in Auckland, New Zealand.  We are passionate about marketing, and committed to delivering marketing strategy, resource and initiatives that will lead to great results for your business!

We would love the opportunity to have an obligation-free meeting and a coffee, to talk about your business requirements and how a Marketing Coach can help your business grow.  Please contact us to have a chat.