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Alchemy Marketing will create a sound digital marketing strategy to maximise your on-line presence. We can help with your website, social media marketing, email marketing and more. Call us today!
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Digital Marketing Strategy


We specialise in project managing your website build to ensure:

  • The website is built with your marketing objectives in mind.
  • There is clear understanding of who your target audiences are and the site is designed to provide them with the optimal customer experience.
  • Your site has sound structure and intuitive navigation.
  • The site is well optimised to efficiently drive the right visitors to your site.
  • Your content is engaging and sharable for and by your target customers.
  • Your website is on brand.

Social Media Marketing

The growth in social media platforms has been explosive in recent years.

As with all areas of marketing, your social media marketing should be driven by strategy and informed by metrics.

Alchemy Marketing can help you create a social media strategy aligned with your business strategy, using the right content and channels to reach and engage with your target customers.

Email Marketing

Alchemy Marketing can help with branding, content and scheduling of emails.

Contact us to discuss your Digital Marketing Strategy today.